A change of address!

Short explanation:

I've decided to consolidate my podcast and book reviews into one website.  If you'd like keep following my latest reviews (or read old ones), you'll find them at:  ClassicsConsidered.com .  I just shared my thoughts on Dear Mrs. Bird, a historical fiction novel, and there's more to come this month!

Long, potentially boring explanation:

First off, to anyone who reads my blog - thanks for sticking with me.  I so appreciate the bookish community we have; it's a huge part of my life, and that's no exaggeration.

Since I started blogging back in 2009, I've been through a plethora of "phases," while agonizing on-and-off over my online presence.  In the early years, I had just one blog, where I posted everything.  Then later came Tanglewood, which some of you might remember - it was the first rendition of this book blog.  I went through a long Tumblr phase in college, while still book blogging at Tanglewood.  In 2015, Tanglewood became Noonlight Reads, and for a while there, I attempted to build a "brand" of sorts around "Noonlight."  But it just didn't seem perfectly right.

Last year, I actually found myself getting tired of book reviewing.  It wasn't so much a lack of time or even energy, but I felt like I was starting to lose interest.  I had also lost touch with some of my former reading community and hadn't explored enough new blogs to make new friends.  Basically, I'd lost steam on the one thing I thought I loved.

So it was round about this time that I took a risk and started the podcast.  It was honestly a risk in every way - time, money, commitment, potential embarrassment!  At least, that's what my brain thought.  Anyway, you can hear more of the story here if you like, but in a nutshell, I began podcasting, and it kind of changed everything.  I found a new perspective on literature and a new motivation for talking about it, which bled over into my written reviews as well.  On a personal note, I felt I'd found "my thing" (because sometimes to do what you love, you have to give it as a gift).

At Classics Considered, I'm going to keep sharing book reviews, alongside the podcast.  I've begun the process of moving my archives over there, fixing broken links, all that good stuff...  Also, I'll be sprucing up the site in the coming weeks, to make better distinction between the podcast episodes vs. the book reviews (for those who just prefer one or the other).  So please excuse the moving house, and I hope to see you there!


  1. please excuse my gross ignorance.. but does this mean this blog will go away? i'm a bit handicapped re computers... i can't even get a Kindle to work... generational breach, i think...

    1. Actually that's a good question! I plan to keep this blog around for some time, just so that everyone gets a chance to find the new address. All future book reviews will be posted on the new website, though. :)