Eugene Onegin Read-Along: Schedule

**1/7/13 - Edit:  Depending on how quickly we read, I may adjust the schedule to two chapters per week, instead of 1 1/2 weeks.  For example, if we have about 9 links by the 13th, I might decide to post the next link-up on the 14th.  We'll see how it goes!

I was so excited to see readers, both here and at my other blog, interested in a read-along!  The previous post was slightly inaccurate: there are actually eight chapters, and chapter ten is a fragmentary extra.  I have decided to allow 1 1/2 weeks per two chapters, which seems like a decent balance between going at a regular clip and dragging on too long.

Here is the schedule, plus a rough calendar to give the numbers more meaning:
Ch. 1 & 2 - January 7 to 16
Ch. 3 & 4 - January 16 to 25
Ch. 5 & 6 - January 25 to February 3
Ch. 7 & 8 - February 3 to February 12

The schedule is meant to be very flexible.  The link-up posts will be posted exactly on schedule, but they will remain open for at least a week.  I'm looking forward to the discussion!

Eugene Onegin Read-Along?

Onegin and Tatyana
With the New Year coming up and everybody looking at their reading lists for 2014, I have thought of hosting a read-along/book club for Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin.  Would anyone be interested? There are ten chapters, all poetry, so a month would be just about right for reading and discussion.  Maybe January, February, or March?  If you're interested and would consider it, please let me know when would be the best time for you!

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